Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring, Spring, Spring!

We made play dough for the first time. I remember sitting on the counter watching my mom make play dough and impatiently waiting for it to cool enough to add the different colors (usually burning our fingers cause we couldn't wait!). Now I'm the mommy making play dough, and Joel is impatiently waiting for it to cool. Very. Weird. Feeling.
I used this recipe which I found on It was easy and hardly had any lumps.
New obsession: ladybugs!
Just making sure the crumb doesn't crawl away too
So exciting!
Thank you ladybugs for potentially giving up your lives to provide my 1yo with hours of entertainment.
He's very gentle with them.....but he's so big and they're so little. Haha. He gets so sad when he accidentally squishes one, and it doesn't move anymore. We have had a few ladybug funerals in the toilet.
"No, you can't have my Cheerios!"
"But you can have some Life."

We have had such nice weather the last few days.
"MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!!!!!!"
Loved the "biiiig tuck vrroooom vrooom"
This is what I do these days....
....and this is what they do. I can't wait to be running around too!

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