Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Haircut

Joel finally got his first haircut. Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant, but I got embarrassingly emotional about it: "Sob....I'm cutting off the hair he was BORN with. Sob. Sob." Nate reassured me that there would soon be another baby in this house with brand new, just born hair. So we snipped away.
And really, I didn't cut all that much off (partially due to the fact that I didn't have any hair cutting scissors at the time)....just enough to help his hair look a little less like a mullet.
This is his new favorite hang out spot. It's kind of nice upstairs because he sits on the back of the toilet looking out the window the entire time I'm in the shower, and I don't have to keep hopping out with sudsy hair to make sure he isn't getting into something dangerous or destructive. It's a little annoying downstairs because he gets soaked....but....he has sooooo much fun, I can't resist.
Gotta keep those pacifiers squeaky clean, you know. 

First time watching Veggie Tales....he thought it was awesome.
This was taken last week when I was almost 36 weeks. We were about to head out on what might possibly be our last date before we are the parents of kidS (gasp...as in plural!). I'm definitely getting extremely uncomfortable (as in, every step feels like my pubic bone is going to snap), but until this week, I've been more comfortable than I was with Joel (and measuring smaller)....so maybe this baby will be smaller (please, please, please). It's nearly killing me to not eat sweets...as soon as this baby is out, I'm going to the ice cream-3-times-a-day diet.
Sometimes Joel likes the "baaaybeee bellwee", but most of the time it annoys him. He tries to push my belly out of the way when we cuddle. I hope this baby is a tough one, because he/she has a very busy big brother.

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