Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby K....Number 2!

My mother-in-law is such a sweetheart and even though she is recovering from a really horrible case of mono, she took some time to take 36 week maternity pictures around their house.

It snowed for just the few minutes we were walking down the driveway...perfect timing!

I just had to put this picture here. This was us (just dating then) on the same driveway in 2009...feels like so long ago!
Waving at "Gama"

"My baaaaybee!"

"Hi baaaaybeee! Hotbee!" (heartbeat)

Something about being in the last month of pregnancy makes me snarky...I have such a hard time not being rude. the woman who said "'re ready to POP. You must be SO close to your due date!!!", I WANTED to say "Actually, unless I'm in the 5% of women who give birth before 37 weeks, I probably have 4 weeks left...but thaaanks for reminding me that I have 4 more weeks of waddling left!" Instead, I smile and say "yeah...I'm getting there." Haha...then I tell Nate all the rude things I wanted to say. I know she was trying to be nice...but still...

Thankfully, this pregnancy has been MUCH easier than Joel's. Baby is officially headfirst, and we're almost ready to meet him/her. Just a few more small projects and need to blow up the birth pool and we're ready to go!

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Abi said...

Beautiful. <3 Love baby belly pics.