Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is my very favorite blog to read right now. The author is a self-taught photographer and takes beautiful photos of her 7 beautiful kids. It has been so encouraging to me to read about her walk with God, the joys of being a mother, her photography tips, and other such things. It has been especially encouraging to read about her pregnancies. She is sick the entire time (for all 7 of her kids) but has such a good attitude about it! She recognizes that children are a blessing and that she can still have joy in life while being sick (I almost wrote "enjoy life" but that's not quite it when you're hugging a toilet for 9 months).

As Nate and I have been talking about adding another baby to our family, I find myself dreading the months and months of never-ending sickness that come along with pregnancy (if my next pregnancy is anything like Joel's). Yet Joel is SUCH a blessing to us and I want more blessings in our family! Reading her story has helped me remember that.


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