Tuesday, February 21, 2012

365 #365

I wish I had some amazing, artistic photo for the last 365, but, I don't. I just have more of Joel. That is the way life has been lately....I'm just happy if I can capture a few memories a week.

Nate's mom has mono and has had a fever for 3 weeks (I feel horrible for her and hope I never catch mono...it seems like such an awful disease). So, some of Joel's uncles and aunt came over for an afternoon and had a blast watching "Tangled". Joel doesn't usually like movies at all, but he was highly entertained by the other 3's laughing and comments about the movie.
Painting for the first time
This was a HUGE hit!
It kept him occupied for over 20 minutes (which equals a huge success in my mind)
We will be painting again soon!
This red color fascinated him.

So he used it a lot

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