Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Walking Dead

I was fifteen feet above the ground balancing on a giant log. For the past few days, I've been helping some friends build a log home. In the distance a siren whined and glancing sideways, I saw an ambulance dodging through traffic. Instantly, fear churned my insides as I wondered where that ambulance was rushing. Our mom (as was previously posted) has a blood clot. If anything goes wrong she could die within minutes. I imagined Jordan frantically dialing 911.

Guilt and sorrow welled in me as I realized I didn't even say goodbye to her that morning. Searching further into my memory, I remembered how passive I had been of her existence the night before. I acted like I was the only one still breathing.

Later that day, I was relieved to find out that my imagination was incorrect. But, a question still bugged me, "What if that had been her in the ambulance? What if she had died?"

I realized I should have acted differently, been the servant I'm supposed to be. I realized that we need to not only forget ourselves but to also have a concern for others. We need to live life to the utmost advantage for Jesus.

Granted most of the time, it's not always someone close that we may never see again. Generally, it's the passerby on the street, the person at a job, or the grocer at the checking counter. How do we treat them?

Eventually, everyone will die or pass from our lives. Just as that ambulance sped to save a victim of deterioration, so we need to jump at every oppurtunity to display love and compassion to everyone. Jesus went out of his way every day for the sick, the confused, the disliked, and the ordinary person.

Our greatest concern should be for the walking dead. That is, the ones who walk, talk, and sleep, but are dead spiritually. Those who don't know Jesus are dead. We must concern ourselves with their deadness. Ephesians 2 explains, "As for you, you were dead in your transgressians and sins." There is a dying world. Can we every moment go out of our way and notice the stench of death looming on every street, in every building, or will we stand back, taking no notice of their decay, and let them die? Pray, talk, act; but most of all pray. Like a doctor gives physical life, so Jesus gives spiritual life.

Don't pass up an opportunity to be selfless. You may never get that chance again. Don't be passive. Be active. Active for Christ.


Michelle said...

This is a fantastic post, Taylor. Thank you. I need reminded of this often, and your post was convicting. Our family is praying for your Mom too.

Rivers Daughter said...

Taylor thanks for posting, always good to remember that each hour, minute and person is important. So now I'm going to go help my mom with making pizza.

Great (by the way) to see you guys posting!

Anonymous said...

Jesus has given you a beautiful heart, Taylor. Thank you for sharing it.