Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Midwife School

For the last seven years, I've wanted to be a midwife. When we lived in England for three months while Dad attended a tropical medicine school, I read straight through one of his textbooks--a very large book about midwifery. In fact, I read it twice and have been fascinated by midwifery ever since.

Last summer I started searching for good midwife schools. Newlife International School of Midwifery (NISM), a school based in the Philippines, particularly stood out. NISM is a Christ-focused school that provides health care to the poor while striving to be a witness for Christ.

I could hardly believe it when I later found out that the director of this school actually grew up in the same town where I live--way out here in the boonies of North Idaho!

So, I was just officially accepted. Wahooo! I'll be leaving sometime during the last week of August of this year, and will be gone for two years, although I'll hopefully be able to come home for a month in between those two years. I'll be sure to post plenty of pictures of the Philippines in about six months...


Donna Boucher said...

Dear Jordan,
That is such wonderful news! I will live vicariously thru you, okay :o)

I have been blessed to attend two childbirths (other than my own) and it was wonderful and exciting and beautiful. I actually took the photos :o)

My friend has her babies in a hospital with the midwives. It is really a great program for mom's here in Madison, Wi.

The midwives are so knowledgeable! My friend has 10 to 11 pound babies and they help her tremendously!

So best wishes to you in your exciting career!
God Bless.

Donna Boucher


Camy said...

This is fantastic news, Jordan! Your mom had told me about the school in the Phillippines.

If you have a similar bedside manner as your dad, you will be be a gift to those whom you serve.

I shall pray for you as you prepare to embark in August.

Blessings, Jordan.



Rivers Daughter said...

Ah Jordan how we shall miss thee. I trust I will hear often (well at least once or twice a year) about how things are going and what it is like. This is so neat, and now if I ever get married I will know who to call when I need a midwife.
Love Liesl

Jordan said...

Ah Liesl, I'm going to miss you guys so much too. Don't worry, you will hear from me.

Oh, and please, do call me if you ever need a midwife, and I will fly to thee, though it be from the ends of the earth :)