Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clinic Tour

Okay, so I think it's about time I did a couple picture tours. The new students for this fall are in the process of being accepted, and if any of them are like me when I was getting ready to move here (a total internet stalker of any and all girls with blogs relating to Mercy :P ), these pics are for them. ;) If you want to see a video tour, go to Jenny's blog

Yup..there it is, the big white and blue building, Mercy Maternity Center. And the blue van is our old ambulance--we now have a new gorgeous white one with (drum roll) AIRCON!! :D

Entrance hallway/waiting room--the motorcycle is owned by one of our guards.

Laundry area--this is where Ate Nora washes our scrubs and where the patients wash the plastics used on the delivery beds.

Half of the kitchen (the other half is a dining area)....lets see what they're having for lunch...

Mmmmm....not bad...not bad at all...

And of course, no meal is complete in the Philippines without rice. :D

Main entrance of the birth room/one of the five postpartum

A midwife :D

The white board where we keep track of all labors, births, and postpartums.

Midwives' area--this is where we study and/or talk if we don't have a patient at the moment
Labor/birth room

Okay...up the stairs to the prenatal room now...

Felix (one of the guards) opened the gate for me to go upstairs.

Prenatal waiting room--here we do singing and devotions and health teachings with patients

Part of the prenatal room--it's afternoon so prenatals are over for the day. Some of the girls are using the prenatal room to work on a power point presentation for their group project. Laura (girl all the way on the right) is in scrubs because her continuity is in early labor in the birth room downstairs.

Stairs leading to the third floor where a lot of our Filipina supervisors live.

Leaving...main entrance again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for the pictures! I can hardly believe I'm actually coming!

Looking forward to meeting you!
A newly accepted student,
Beth J.

Jordan said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited too! We all can't WAIT to meet you guys. ;)
luv, Jo

hankwillisdds said...

Thanks so much for the photo tour! I love to be able to see where you are a little better. I can't wait to hear about your outreach!

As for Idaho was above 40 today, so the kids were out in bare feet and short sleeves. Naturally. :)