Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Handle

I caught my first baby on Wednesday! Divina, a beautiful 19 year old girl, came into the clinic a 4:15pm. She gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl (named DiJeane)at 9:37pm. Her baby just barely weighed 5 pounds but otherwise was very healthy.

She was just a little unsure of how well she liked being outside of her mother. (Side note: ALL babies are born with white skin! It takes a little while for their bodies to produce melanin which makes their skin darker. Hmmmm....facts like that are SO amazing!)

My amazing charter, Rose.


Mrs. K in MI said...

Congratulations...I have to see you looked so confident and ready to handle this amazing event. Truly awesome. Thanks for the pictures and the stories and sharing your life experiences.

Mai Catarina said...

Yay Jordan! Great job!!

Donzel said...

ummmm. is it REALLY supposed to come out feet first? the melanin thing was cool to know, is it true for all colored babies?

Jordan said... worries...she didn't come out feet first. ;) And yes, the melanin thing is true for all babies.

JennJo said...

YAY! Can't believe how the months are flying by and you're just all growing into midwives. Crazy!