Friday, October 26, 2007

Outreach #2

Here are pictures from another awesome outreach. We spent a day taking tuberculosis medicine to a woman in a remote village. If you want the unabridged and complete story go to Tim and Bethany's blog . Bethany is one of the students in my class, and Tim (who is her husband) went on the outreach. The story is quite good...I'd encourage you to read it.

The sunrise on the way to the mountain

Attempting to keep off the pesticides which were raining down on us (blue tarp has many uses!)


One of the three rivers we drove through (not the one we got stuck in).

The river where we got horribly stuck.

The mountain water that causes so much pain:
not drinking it = pain from dehydration
drinking it = pain a day or two later. :)

Getting stuck in some serious mud...

Finally the top of the we just have to backpack down into the valley.


Whew...made it!

Mordegai explains the medicine.


Donzel said...

Perhaps a good investment would be a very small, light, water purifacation system.....Skye has one and it doesn't weigh every much at all.....and would be at times a "delightful" weight!!! I will ask him about his and see what he would recommend for you.
Love you BOMBS and BOMBS.

Jordan said...

Thanks Donzel! And actually, a water filter will soon be on its way :).

Love you too! Have an AWESOME trip! ;)

Shelli said...

Hey girl,
I'm trying to amend my ways! :) I love all the pictures!

Jordan said...

Lol...Shelli, I was *kidding*!!!!

Good to see you on here. ;)

JennJo said...

Oh how I miss those mountain outreaches!! Glad you got to enjoy a few before Mordegai and fam leave.

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful and lush!! The mud looks like it was a tough battle though. And the river. You had an exciting day!