Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yes, he is number twelve and his name is Josiah Bartlett.

They left for the hospital at 1:00 Tuesday morning and didn't return until 6:30 AM. By then, the other siblings were up and were wondering where Mom and Dad were. When they were told where they were, the younger ones pranced around the house yelling, "Mommy is going to have a baby!" Instantly, an argument arose as to whether it was a boy or a girl. Some were so adamantly convinced they were right, that even when Mom and Dad brought the baby home, they refused to believe otherwise. With all the excitement and hubbub you would think it was some new and exciting adventure of having a baby in the house. A new baby in the house has never been really new around here. This was certainly not the first time Mom and Dad had brought home a baby. Still the excitement is new every time.

Whenever someone asks me how many siblings are in my family, finding the answer is like solving a mathematical problem that you thought you had figured out, but whose answer keeps changing. The answer never stays the same.

This time, I can say with confidence that I have eleven siblings, and that number twelve is certainly the cutest.


Jordan said...

Awwwwwwww, he's so cute! Hold him lots for me, okay?

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for the wonderful and newsy update!
Your little brother is going to be very loved..and he looks like his brothers!

(All my children arrive with red hair and blue eyes that turn to green)

There is a quote I love to say from Gone with the Wind. (Book about the Civil War)

"The happiest days are when babies are born."

Isn't that true!

God Bless your family as you celebrate another gift from Him.

RevGoT said...

He is absolutely adorable! I love reading a birth announcement from the perspective of an older sibling!

Congrats to all!

Nan said...

Oops, that last message was from me, Nan, RevGoT's wife!!

Colleen said...

Luann, you go, girl! Sooner or later I'm gonna to get over there or you're gonna get over here. (Oh, um, pass this along to you mom, kiddos, would ya? LOL)


Mrs. MK said...

Congratulations!!! What are darling!!! i love his name!!

Anonymous said...

He is so, so, cute!! I love him already and I can't wait to get to see him in real life!
You guys are so lucky!

Rivers Daughter said...

Oh wow, we are all so excited, another baby to hold at church!! Yippee skippy and he is very cute and so is the young lady holding him:). By the way Happy Birthday Rachel, what a wonderful birthday gift:).

Roger said...

Sniff....sniff.....He is soooooo beautiful!

Luann, thanks for phoning to let me know! How I praise God for His provision and blessing throughout your whole experience.

I'll be in touch soon :o)


Hannah\ said...

This is Hannah.