Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Budding Author on the Rise

Whoa! I leave home for one little month and look what happens. . .

Regenerated Magazine Essay Contest

Check out the second place winner. By the way, I'm not sure how long it would have taken him to find out he had won if I hadn't come home yesterday. He won last week and didn't even know it. Okay, I just have to brag: I have awesome brothers.


hannah willis said...

Here's the comment I left on the magazine website:

I really enjoy the use of imagery in this essay. The smokestacks, zipline, and tree provoke thoughts of tangible, sensory involvement in our world that is at the heart of Taylor's challenge. These images interact well with the Scripture verses, giving them color and breath and movement. Not that God's Word needs anything from men to be proclaimed, but that He has created us with these senses and is glorified when we use them to learn more about His love.

Ultimately, this essay voices my main irritation with so much of the outcry over current moral issues--they are symptoms of a deeper problem, not the problem themselves. I like Taylor's description of our grimy insides. There are some rich, substantial thoughts here. Good work, Taylor!

:) hannah willis

Rivers Daughter said...

And yet another home-schooler does it again. Very good essay, it was clear and well written. I enjoyed it quite a bit, thanks for putting it on here so the rest of us could read it. Have a good Saturday, see you at church.