Thursday, March 1, 2007

Annual Breaking of the Ice

Last week, nine brave souls of Siblings United left the house armed to fulfill the annual "Coming of Spring" tradition--breaking the ice on one of our ponds. Please don't ask us how or why we do this because frankly, we really don't know.

Adjusting to the environment

Our audience

Rachel and Hannah watch from a safe spot.

The dry wimps

"Jump Isaac, JUMP"

Is that hole safe?


Good enough. Mission accomplished. Let's go home.

We can do the big pond next week.


Remudamom said...

I think your children are in serious danger of having too much fun.

Michelle said...

Brrrr!!! I am shivering very appreciatively! Great pictures! :)

Hannah Beth said...

Wow! That looks like a blast. I've only broken the ice on our pond once before with my family (but believe me, that wasn't on purpose.)

Donna Boucher said...

What an unusual diversion!

You silly kids!

Making memories, I suppose.

Moriah said...

hahaha That looks like a bunch of fun!

Rivers Daughter said...

Next time can I come out to play? Please, please, please!!...I'll even bring cookies and cocoa for afterwards ok?

Rochelle said...

That looks so fun! Wish I could have been there!